The Girl with Incredibly Long Hair – A truly interactive journey for all the family.

This Easter the Welsh Mummy Blogs family attended a family friendly production of The Girl with Incredibly Long Hair at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

Inspired by the story of Rapunzel, The Girl With Incredibly Long Hair tells the story of Rapunzel, her Mam and her new friend Daf. The story re-imagined for our times, takes us on a truly interactive journey through the forest in search of magic fruit, hope and friendship.

Daf likes to make cake, Rapunzel is growing her hair so she can be the record holder for the longest hair in the Word and then she will be in her favourite book – The Guinness World Records. Mam is very happy growing her plants and keeping watch over her honey bees. Everything seems perfect.


But this story is not all happiness, cakes and honey. Mam is going to lose the house and garden! And so begins Daf and Rapunzel’s journey to save her home.


As we entered the theatre we found we were in a garden! The set around us was fantastic. Cushions lay out for us to sit on, plant pots around us, books and even an apple tree with real apples! There was a perfectly decorated area for each scene.

Audience members, both parent and child are involved with this story. Sipping imaginary tea and enjoying a piece of imaginary lemon drizzle cake, my boys and the children around me were smiling from ear to ear. The boys loved to get involved with the characters and my youngest (aged 3) loved it when bubbles started to fall from the sky.


I enjoyed watching actor Conner Allen who played Daf. I have attended many productions in which he plays different roles. As Daf, his boyish, playful side stood out. My sons believed him to be a boy!


Rebbeca Killick played the role of Mam and Roanna Lewis portrayed Rapunzel. Both actors brought laughter and energy to this play. Both ensuring the audience was fully involved.


This production is funny, interactive and truly unforgettable.

I am really looking forward to future productions from We Made This!

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