Sleep Essential Oil Blend – Review #ad-gifted

Sleep Essential Oil

I was recently sent a bottle of Sleep Essential Oil Blend to #review

It’s no secret, I have not been feeling myself recently. It all started with a hiccup of my mental health and from there I began to suffer with some sort of flare up of pain.

The pain has been excruciating, my whole body has been hurting. During this flare, my joints became stiff and my bones have ached, I’ve literally felt like I was dying. I still don’t know exactly what is wrong with me, all I know is that I have some sort of autoimmune disease.

With unexplained pain came worry, with worry came stress and with stress came sleeping problems.

I did not want to use medication for sleep as I already take a massive amount of medication. Adding something on top would probably do me harm. Instead, I opted for mindfulness, a warm shower before bed and a sleeping oil I had been sent to review.

Along with my new sleep routine, I have just started having reflexology sessions from my dear friend Emma Burns.

I was very excited to review the oil. Studies show that using essential oils for sleep, like lavender and chamomile, can help you avoid a frustrating, sleepless night. They recommend you use these oils in aromatherapy for several days. It has shown to improve sleep comfort and help you sleep better and more deeply.

The sleep essential oil that I am reviewing contains both lavender essential oil and chamomile oil, as well as other relaxing sleep oils.

So, on with the review.

Sleep Essential Oil

The sleep essential oil blend is made by Blended Valley, a UK family run business dedicated to awakening and heightening the senses of those who use aromatherapy products.

The essential oil blend is designed to help you sleep better. The aromatherapy oil acts as a natural sleeping aid with bergamot, chamomile, lavender and vetiver essential oils in apricot kernel oil.

The sleep essential oil can be used with an aromatherapy diffuser, oil burner or vaporiser. You can, if you wish apply it to your sleep mask or put a few drops on your pillow. The sleep essential oil can be used in the bath, diluted in water.

I used the sleep essential oil in my diffuser whilst showering before bed and I also applied it to my sleep mask. The oil made me feel relaxed, it was the perfect sleep aid to use alongside the mindfulness meditations I listen to before sleep.

The sleep essential oil smells amazing! I have used it in my boys bedroom at bedtime and they have fallen asleep quicker.

Since using the oil I am waking up feeling revitalised and energetic, I feel as though I have slept well and I think this is down to my new sleep regime, sleep essential oil and mindfulness.

For more information about Blended Valley Sleep Essential Oil Blend please visit

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