Kinetic Youth Cardiff – Camp Rock The Musical #Review

Camp Rock

This afternoon, Ethan and I attended a performance by Kinetic Youth in Cardiff, Camp Rock The Musical.

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I must admit I have not seen any of the Camp Rock movies so I had no idea of what to expect.

Camp Rock The Musical is based on the hit Disney Channel movies starring Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers.

The performance starts with Mitche and her friends arriving at Camp Rock ready for a summer of fun. Everything seems fine but then they find a new, flashy camp across the lake. The new Camp, Camp Star is run by Camp Rock rival Axel and he threatens Camp Rock’s existence!

With Camp Rock tutors leaving for a better wage at Camp Star and Camp Rockers leaving for a more up to date camp site which has air con. Camp Rock is going to have to close!!

Fearing Camp Rocks closure, Mitche steps up, she has a plan. With hard work and dedication Camp Rock will not close, instead the Camp Rockers will get ready for the ultimate showdown!

Kinetic youth theatre put on an outstanding show. It was clear to see that everyone enjoyed it. I watched as the audience bobbed their heads to the catchy tunes and smiled when they clapped after each song.

The young cast wowed me again with their fantastic singing, acting and dancing abilities. The stage direction was suburb and even when some lines were forgotten, the professional cast breathed through it and carried on.

Camp Rock

I was impressed by Erin Morgan Ring who portrayed the main character, Mitche. Erin at only 15 years old was amazing and as soon as she sang the first song of the performance, ‘This is Me’ I was blown away. This young lady has beautiful vocals and I can see her going far.

Mitche’s love interest Shane was portrayed by Sam Walters. Shane is part of Connect Three, a popular rock group that has girls trembling at the knees. Sam played this character well and definitely looked the part with his full sleeve tattoo! Sams acting ability was fantastic. He made use of the stage and oozed confidence.

Lexi Ricketts played sassy mean girl Tess with ease. At only 12 years old I was shocked at her level of talent!! Lexi was confident, bold and professional. Lexi’s performance ability is far beyond her years.

Ffion Morris and Lewis Griffiths played the roles of rivals, Brown and Axel. Brown runs Camp Rock and is passionate about the camp and its members, she is heartbroken at the thought of Camp Rock closing. Ffion played this character well. Authority and care beamed through her performance.

Camp Star is run by Axel. Lewis Griffiths portrayed this sly, slimy and underhand rival with ease. This was Lewis’s first production with Kinetic, I look forward to seeing more of his wonderful talent in future performances.

Elise Turner and Lewys Rees played star crossed lovers Dana and Nate. Dana is the daughter of Camp Rock enemy Axel. Nate is a member of Connect Three and a Camp Rocker!! I loved watching the scenes between Elise and Lewys. They played the loved up teenagers very well, with uncomfortable silences and giggles, it took me back to being a teenager myself!  Well done both, your portrayal of the characters was spot on!

Another young performer that caught my eye was Lucie-Jo-Evans who played Camp Stars mean girl Lucy. I was impressed by Lucie-Jo-Evans vocals, her voice was clear, strong and beautiful. I would have loved to hear more songs sung by this young lady.

My favourite songs of the afternoon were ‘This is Me’, ‘Fire’, ‘Cant back down’ and ‘Wouldn’t change a thing’.

The production on a whole was simply fantastic!! It was clear to see hard work, dedication and organisation went into Camp Rock The Musical.

The stars of tomorrow have amazed me once again. Well done to everyone involved, you should all be very proud!!

See you at your next performance.

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