Gelli Worlds Dino Pack -Perfect for sensory, tactile and messy play! #AD

Gelli World, boys playing

We were sent the Gelli Worlds Dino pack and bath time products in exchange for an honest review.

Why have I only just discovered Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff and Slime Baff! They are fantastic and they also offer a wide range of products including the new Gelli Worlds packs.

Unfortunately we only have a shower room at home so my boys are waiting for a sleepover at nans to try out the Gelli Baff and Slime Baff products (Covid permitting).

The products in the bath time range look amazing, they are a great way to make bath time a fun and playful experience.

All products in the range are 100% safe on skin, manufactured in the UK, non toxic and easy clean. The RRPs start from just £2.99, making this range pocket money friendly.

The Gelli Baff this range is great for transforming bath time into fun time, whilst being educational at the same time. There’s also no need to worry about staining skin, carpets, clothes or bath tubs, as all our products are stain free!

As we don’t have a bath, the Welsh Mummy Blogs family are reviewing the Zimpli Kids, Gelli Worlds Dino pack.

Gelli Worlds

Gelli Worlds Dino Pack
Inflatable Tray
5 x bags of Green Gelli
8 piece dinosaur figure set
5 Use Pack
​4 Count Inner
RRP £14.99

My boys absolutely loved the Gelli Worlds Dino Pack. They added in the dinosaur figures and then added a few of their own toys.

The inflatable tray is a fantastic addition to the Gelli Worlds pack. Once blown up, you fill it with water and then add a pack of green Gelli. We went a bit overboard and decided to make lots of Gelli so we added the 5 bags!!! You can add one bag of Gelli if you prefer.

Gelli World, boys playingGelli World packGelli World

I thought it would be a nightmare to clean up but the Gelli turns back into water after a while and as it is biodegradable you can safely pour it away.

We highly recommend the Gelli Worlds Dino Pack. Our YouTube review says it all!

Also available in the Gelli Worlds range is:

Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack 
Inflatable Tray
5 x bags of Pink Gelli
8 piece fantasy figure set
5 Use Pack
4 Count Inner
RRP £14.99

For more information, please visit – Zimpli Kids – Zimpli Kids

They have also added a Ryans World range which can be found here – NEW! Ryan’s World Range – Zimpli Kids

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