WUKA Period Pants – Perfect for young women #AD

Period, yes I said it!
Lets talk periods girls. At the end of the day we all have them.

I was recently sent some pants to try from WUKA, as someone who thinks about the environment and our Earths future, I found the pants to be a welcomed gift.

Whilst looking at the design and couldn’t help but think back to when I was a young women, oh how I wish pants like these existed then.

Menstruation for most women in the beginning is often erratic. The periods are not regulated at all and it can take time to for regularity to happen.

I remember coming on in the most embarrassing places ever. During sports, at a party, at a sleepover! Looking back I laugh but at the time I was mortified, what if I leaked and the boys in school had seen!

WUKA period pants would have been a life saver. They are well made,wash well, comfortable and leak proof.

WUKA currently have a sale on their period starter kit which is perfect for young women.

The period starter kit was created to ensure a stress free start to periods. The first period kit pack has everything your teen/tweens need to start their period with confidence.

What’s inside?

  • WUKA Basics™️ Hipster – Medium flow Period Pants
  • An amazing book about growing to love your body and embracing changes. A Girls’ Guide to Growing Up Great or The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods.
  • A hand-made in Nepal Washbag to carry spare pants when at school or travelling anywhere else. 

Honestly, the future is here!

The new world of period tech is ultra comfy and eco-friendly, it cares for your body and the environment.

Absorbs your flow – WUKA Period Pants hold up to 20ml of your period flow, that’s roughly the same as 4 tampons.

Wear for 8hrs – Wear all night or up to 8 hours on light days. On your heavy days this may be less, you know your flow best!

Wash at 40° – Rinse after use to prevent stains. Wash up to 40 degrees and hang dry in a warm place like an airing cupboard.

The pants are also good to wear when approaching the menopause as again, periods can become irregular.

WUKA has you covered!

For more information, please visit – https://wuka.co.uk/

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