My Little Sudocrem – For families on the go! #AD

Sudocrem has been a family favourite since 1931. Known for its soothing properties and for forming a protective barrier on the skin, my family has used it since I can remember. We use it for everything. As nappy rash cream, spot treatment, and to treat cuts, grazes and more.

Ask anyone who has used Sudocrem, what is the first thing they think of? For me its the memorable smell and I am not alone.

Our ability to smell is closely connected to our emotions and memories, so aromas can have a very dramatic impact on how we feel. Smells have the power to soothe and calm, evoke memories, transport us back to our childhood and make us happy.

That’s why Sudocrem, known for its soothing properties, decided to conduct a survey* to find out more about the aromas that soothe. The results showed that from a list of common “soothing” aromas, there was one clear frontrunner – lavender!

One of the reasons Sudocrem is so beloved by generations of parents is its calming aroma provided by the lavender scent contained in each pot. The scent is instantly soothing to all members of the family.

Nick Lang, Head of UK & IE OTC Marketing at Sudocrem says, “The soothing scent of Sudocrem is instantly recognisable and has been loved by generations since 1931 and will continue to be the go-to cream for soothing.”

My Little Sudocrem has been specifically formulated by Sudocrem for soothing and preventative use. Its clinically-proven formulation soothes and protects delicate skin, forming a barrier against irritants and allowing the skin to maintain its natural and healthy condition. It’s portable and ready to help calm red or irritated areas of skin, to soothe dry patches, cuts and scrapes on the go.

It is recommended that My Little Sudocrem is applied as frequently as required, to make the most of its soothing and healing properties, including zinc oxide which helps to reduce loss of fluid from the skin and protects against irritants and dry skin. Lanolin helps to soften the skin, along with lavender scent, which is renowned for its calming and relaxing properties. 

So grab a pot and…relax.  

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