Meet the Welsh Bloggers 2019 – Spoken Reveries

Spoken Reveries

Welsh Mummy Blogs interviews Welsh blogger, Spoken Reveries

If you are looking for honest beauty advice, Spoken Reveries is the blog for you!

With so many high profile bloggers out there, we may forget some of the amazing Welsh bloggers who are closer to home.

Welsh Mummy Blogs is interviewing Welsh bloggers. New and old, all bloggers discuss their 2019 goals and the challenges of blogging.

Hello Victoria!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Victoria – I got married last April and moved to Wales with my hubby (he already lived here for the past 8 years) and we now live in Cardiff. I am a qualified teacher and was teaching for the past 10 years Psychology and Sociology. I’m currently not working, but focusing on other things! We don’t have any children yet, but hopefully this year we will start trying for a child! I have a couple of hobbies – I love baking, reading, and drawing. I’m on the verge of launching a print business where I sell my designs as prints for the home or office. 

What is your blog about?

My blog is about beauty and lifestyle topics. I do reviews of products, but also discuss topics which are of interest to me at the time.

What/who inspired you to start a blog?

I’ve been blogging for the past 5-6 years now and it has definitely evolved over time. When I first started I focused mainly on relationships, then developed into hair and beauty. My first attempts at blogging were not really influenced by anyone in particular, but more from a need to get down on ‘paper’ what I was thinking and feeling. I’ve always loved to write so it was a natural thing for me to do. 

Spoken Reveries

What challenges have you faced whilst blogging?


I’ve faced quite a few challenges if I’m honest. One of them has been really finding people in the community that I could really trust. I found that a lot of people I came across really just wanted to get as much knowledge or contacts from me as they could then that would be it. I’ve also found it quite hard to establish myself in the niche of beauty. As a black female, I’ve found that a lot really doesn’t work in my favour. Whether that is building relationships with brands, and being given opportunities that allow my blog to develop. As a result I found myself retreating over the past couple of years. But I’ve come to realise that I need to take ownership of my own success and failures, so I’ve developed the mindset of creating my own opportunities and being the change I’d like to see. 

What are your 2019 blogging goals?

I’d like to be consistent. A couple of years back I was uploading 3 times a week on youtube and twice a week on my blog. I’d like to go back to uploading more frequently on my blog. I’d also love to cover more diverse topics on my blog too. Hopefully this year I can also develop some new friendships through blogging. I’m not a native to Wales (I lived in Kent most of my life), so I’m open to building new relationships here in the future! 

What are your social media links?

You can find my blog at
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