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Welsh Mummy Blogs interviews Welsh blogger, My Crazy Brood

With so many high profile bloggers out there, we may forget some of the amazing Welsh bloggers who are closer to home.

Rachel started writing to capture her children’s childhood and raise awareness of childhood mental illness.

Hello Rachel!

  • Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Rachel and we live in North Wales, on the West coast in Cardigan bay and opposite the beach which makes for a wonderful school run.  My husband is Robert, known as Bob, and we’ve been together for 18yrs (married for 14). Our household is loud and crazy as we have 5 children. Our eldest is Ryan, who is 15 and our only son. Them we have the girls, Rebecca, known as Becky, is 13, Ruby is 12, Rhian is 9 and Reese is 5. In case you didn’t notice, we all have names beginning with R, which does cause some confusion! We also have our Staffordshire bull terrier named Gwen and our 4 guinea pigs, Ozzy, Taffy, April and May.


  • What is your blog about?

My blog is a parenting blog about the challenges of raising children, teenagers and a large family. Childhood mental health is important to me and I blog a lot about that


  • What/who inspired you to start a blog?
Originally it was to capture memories as children grow so quickly but as one of my children suffers from mental health issues which has an impact on their education I started writing more about that to raise awareness. 
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  • What challenges have you faced whilst blogging? 

Mostly finding inspiration and motivation to create posts. Some posts, like the one I wrote about school refusal and what I wanted people to understand about it, just flowed from me, yet others I struggle to find the right words. This year I want to be more active and instead of trying to write a post a day, I’m going to just concentrate on one a week and hopefully I’ll find it easier to be more consistent and develop my writing skill at the same time so I can create more posts that I’m passionate about.


  • What are your 2019 blogging goals?

We’ve challenged ourselves as a family to a #100CastlesChallenge. There are so many wonderful and beautiful castles in Wales, yet despite being surrounded by them, we’ve only visited a couple. So this year we’re going to change this and visit as many as we can. The challenge is also to write about each castle we visit and to create a YouTube video. So far we’ve visited Castell y Bere near Tywyn and tomorrow we’re planning to visit Harlech. To help us complete our challenge we’re planning a holiday in South Wales, again someplace we’ve never been!


  • What are your social media links? 
If you are a Welsh blogger I would love to feature you on my blog! Please get in touch via the Contact Me page.

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