Meet the Bloggers 2019 – Indigo Wilderness

Indigo Wilderness
Welsh bloggers 2019 – Indigo Wilderness
With so many high profile bloggers out there, we may forget some of the amazing Welsh bloggers who are closer to home.

Welsh Mummy Blogs is interviewing Welsh bloggers. New and old, all bloggers discuss their 2019 goals and the challenges of blogging

Today I meet Chloe who writes a very honest blog, Indigo Wilderness. Chloe is the founder of a ‘much needed’ group – The Lonely Parents Club.

About Me
My name is Chloe, originally from Yorkshire, but in a long term love affair with Wales where I have been living since 2015. I’m a mum to three gorgeous girls, Rose, Violet & Fern who are 10, 7 & 1, plus an idiot dog and an accidental herd of cats. We have an unusually complex family set up, but one that works for us and I’m quite outspoken about carving out a family dynamic that works for your tribe, and sod what anyone else makes of that.
In 2018 I founded The Lonely Parents Club – a group for parents who may feel isolated, cut off or may just be feeling the stresses of parenthood and would like to make new connections but may not necessarily feel up to the usual parent and baby groups. We meet weekly in Abergavenny and also have a facebook group for online chat and support.
I have a day job, part time and am an extremely reluctant stay at home parent the rest of the time. I actually love the balance in my life at the moment, and am grateful for all I have and am able to do.
What is the blog about and why did I start blogging?
I blog about most things under the sun. I started off with a personal blog in 2010, which turned into Gertie & Ginger, way back in 2011. This was a therapeutic thing as I was in the throes of ante- and then post-natal depression. I blogged on and off, but enjoyed the connections and friends I made through the blog and Twitter.
When a move to Wales was on the cards, I re-branded as Indigo Wilderness to document the move but didn’t start seriously blogging to make some pocket money until late 2017. I focus mainly on MH advocacy, particularly in relation to parenting, and we take on product review and similar things relating to the kids, outdoors, pets and travel.
What challenges have I faced while blogging?
I am lucky that I have had little pressure to blog and very little criticism. I have had to learn when to reign the personal stuff in, though, as it at one time, it been twisted and used against me in the past in family situations. Thankfully I wasn’t put off blogging for too long, but my greatest recent challenge has been getting back to blogging after my dad died. In some situations I may have blogged through the bad stuff and it would have been helpful, but I just couldn’t find the time or the words since my dads illness and death. Having put 2018 to bed though, I feel the time is right to get back to it, so here I am!
My 2019 blogging goals
My main focus is just to continue. It sounds like a cliche, but I am very proud of how well I have coped over a difficult 2018 and it has reinvigourated me in many ways. I’m going to kick arse, and that’s that!
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