Cytoplan – Study shows 4 in 10 brits ‘obsess’ over calorie counting #AD

I was recently sent Cytoplan – The nutrition gap extensive guide to review.

4 in 10 brits ‘obsess’ over calorie counting in a bid to achieve a healthy diet but new research shows little understanding of the importance of nutrients
The study of 2,000 adults found more than a quarter are actively logging their intake on a phone app – with one in five also admitting they check every product they buy for the calorie information.

Nearly a third outright refuse to eat any high calorie foods – opting to prioritising low calorie foods, whether healthy or unhealthy, while 45 per cent will exercise if they think they’ve eaten too many.

But 52 per cent never look at labels for fats, and nearly six in 10 never consider whether the food they choose might contain vitamins and minerals which might benefit them in some way.

It also emerged half of Brits have been more sedentary in the last year or so due to major lifestyle changes – estimating they eat more than 2,000 calories a day.

But they believe they only burn around 1,800 with the Nutrition Gap research showing that a sedentary lifestyle is the number one reason for causing a deficiency in our nutrition levels.

I will admit I’m a bit of a health freak. I exercise daily using weights and jogging, I also calorie count and take a number of health supplements.

After reading the Nutrition Gap research its made me aware of some areas in my diet that I can improve on. There are also some supplements I am going to try.

Cytoplan – Nature meets science, have a fantastic website offering advice in all areas of nutrition.

Cytoplan provides an innovative range of science-based nutritional supplements supplying the needs of healthcare professionals and consumers.

Combining nature with science, Cytoplan has pioneered Wholefood & Food State supplements to create a market-leading supplement range. The range of products are grounded in science, proven by results and designed to improve health, safely and effectively.

There specialise in many areas:

They also offer expert advice and are on hand if you have any questions.

If like me you could do with nutrient support, I highly recommend Cytoplan.

For more information and to read the Nutrition Gap research, please head to Nutrition Gap (

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