Prince George and the Royal Potty -Review

All children’s book reviews are written with my four year old son, from his perspective.

Its a lovely sunny day today and Mummy has surprised me and my brother Harrison with a teddy bear picnic out the garden.


Wow mum a new book!! Prince George and the Royal Potty by Caryl Hart with illustrations by Laura Ellen Anderson.

We started to eat our lovely picnic and then Mummy read us our new book. Prince George and the Royal Potty is about a little Prince named George who wants to do grown up things.

George wants to be a knight and put on armour like his big Cousin but he has a problem…his armour wont fit over his nappy!

George wants to go marching with the Royal Guards but he has a problem…his nappy gets full of poop and he starts to smell really bad…. poo-eee haha.

So George has to potty train just like my brother Harrison is doing at the moment. It isn’t long before George can use the potty.

When George has a wee on the potty he gets really really happy!

I really liked this book, it is funny and my brother Harrison likes it too.

Mummy‘s thoughts

At first I thought this book was about Prince George of Cambridge and I was expecting to see Kate and Wills somewhere in the book! A lovely book that I really enjoyed reading to my two little monkeys.

We were given a complimentary copy of the book for an honest review



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