Film & Comic Con Cardiff 2019 – Can you spot yourself in my pictures?? #Presstrip

Film & Comic Con Cardiff

Today the Welsh Mummy Blogs family attended the Film & Comic Con Cardiff at the Motorpoint Arena. Ethan has never attended a Comic Con before so he was really impressed when he was given a press pass to the event!

Ethan ran ahead of me, he was like a kid at Christmas, the excitement in his eyes was insane! He wanted to explore everything and everywhere.

We started our morning having a wander around. The arena was filled with many aisles of stalls selling something for everyone. Collectable movie/TV merchandise, outfits and toys. Posters, costumes, comics, you name it, a stall had it!!

I really liked the Harry Potter themed stall – Goblin Wood 

Film & Comic Con Cardiff

Goblin Wood Stall

We then had a look at the creative workshops at the event. Ethan didn’t take part but enjoyed playing with some props.

Film & Comic Con Cardiff

After a browse, we headed to the autograph section of the event.

At Film and Comic Con Cardiff you will get the chance to pay for an autograph from any of the named guests. Autographs need to be purchased at the desk just before the signing table, photos to sign are included in the cost of the autograph unless you have your own item you want signed.  You can pay in cash, or you can purchase Credit Card vouchers from the sales desk prior to joining the autograph queue.

The autographing area gets very busy.

We first had a chat to Lawrence Gilliard Jr, best known for The Walking Dead, The Waterboy and Gangs of New York.  Lawrence was a top bloke! He took the time to talk and have a giggle with Ethan. His selfie skills are much better than mine!

Film & Comic Con Cardiff
Lawrence Gilliard Jr 

We then had a chat to Mark Williams aka Ron Weasleys dad in Harry Potter. Mark is also known for Father Brown and Doctor Who. I mentioned that I had interviewed his on screen son Percy Weasley a few weeks back and It was a shame we did not get an interview. Mark was one of the busiest autograph stations, I am really glad he took the time to pose for a picture.  Percy Weasley interview here. 

Film & Comic Con Cardiff
Mark Williams

We then had a chat to Art Parkinson. At only 17 years old, Art has had quite the acting career. Appearing in Game of Thrones and San Andreas to name a few, this little dude was someone Ethan could look up too!

Film & Comic Con Cardiff
Art Parkinson

We had a little rest and then headed back to the autograph station. There we spoke to Julian Glover – Game of Thrones, Colin Baker – Dr Who and John Levene – Dr Who.

John had a long chat to Ethan and I. We spoke about Ethans dreams of becoming an actor and scientist. John had some good advice for us. He said that Ethan had natural talent and would go far if guided in the right direction.

Film & Comic Con Cardiff
Colin Baker

We then bumped into Harry Potter’s flying Ford Anglia!

Film & Comic Con Cardiff


A really cool dude at the event was Jarred Blancard known for – Ninja Turtles, Disturbing behaviour, IT and many more films. Jarred took the time to chat to us and have a picture with Ethan. He even gave us a signed Ninja Turtles picture!! Really nice guy.

Film & Comic Con Cardiff
Jarred Blancard with Ethan

As my readers are aware, Ethan is a huge Star Wars fan. I mean, this kid is obsessed! Can you imagine the excitement when I informed him that an actor from Star Wars was at the Film & Comic Con Cardiff.

Karanja Yorke is a real life action man, he has starred and is a stunt double in many films. Known for Star Wars The Last Jedi, Rouge One and The Force Awakens.  He is a real life Stormtrooper!!!

Film & Comic Con Cardiff
Karanja Yorke

Now, its very thrilling meeting celebrities but I was actually most impressed with the Cosplayers who attended the event. Hours upon hours of work must have gone into making some pretty impressive costumes.

I was really impressed by Central Legion Costume Group  They had Star Wars fans going wild!

Film & Comic Con Cardiff

Film & Comic Con Cardiff


Below you will find some of my favourite Cosplayers at the Film & Comic Con Cardiff.

Can you spot yourself in the pictures??? 

Amazing right!!


Film & Comic Con Cardiff



Film & Comic Con Cardiff
Carstein Cosplay




Film & Comic Con Cardiff
The force is strong in this one!


Did you spot yourself or someone you know? Please leave a comment if you did!!

Tomorrow is the last day for Film & Comic Con Cardiff (10th March 2019) to book tickets please visit –

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  1. Becky

    Hi! My son, Nathan, is the little 10th Doctor (Who) in your photos! My husband told me you’d snapped him. We usually go to Comic Cons as a family but we couldn’t all make it yesterday. My other son loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and cosplays as Jack Skellington. Before Nathan got into Doctor Who (in the biggest way possible!) I had no idea how family friendly comic cons were (I’d never been to one before). Adult cosplayers, in particular, are usually willing to say hi or stop for photos and we always have a really fun time. Great photos!

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