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The Welsh Mummy Blogs family had the chance to take part in an amazing experience only 20 minutes from our home in Cardiff last week.

The Royal Mint Experience in Llantrisant , is a place to discover fascinating facts about the coins in your pocket and the craftsmanship that goes into each miniature work of art. Its a place you can gain insight into the history of the Royal Mint, see how coins are made and have a look at the many collectable coins and medals on show in the museum.

We arrived after a short car journey at The Royal Mint, a 35 acre plot of land that makes 700 coins per minute.

The Royal Mint uses its finest craftsmanship to make coins and medals for over 60 countries and is the place where every single coin in the UK is made.

My 4 year old son was very excited, we have brought nanny Cuckoo with us today on our adventure, she is a keen coin collector (so is the hubby haha)

We were met by a lovely tour guide Nikki, who was very good with my two boys age 4 and 2 years. Nikki took us on a tour of the Mint, she showed us the factory where the coins were made and talked us through the coin striking process.

I thought the boys would get bored but I was very surprised that my 4 year old was very interested. He was looking and touching and really getting involved. I felt like I was having a tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…. just with coins not chocolate!


We ended our guided tour by striking our own £1 coin and having a lovely family photo!

We then went on to the museum where we saw how technology has changed over centuries and we read about the impact this has had on the way coins are now made. We learned about the role of the people at the Mint, from the artists and engravers, to the Royal Mint officials, to the highly skilled production workers.

The Royal Mint Museum represents one of the finest collections of coins, medals, artwork and minting equipment in the world. I was really impressed with the interactive elements of the museum such as, the realistic blacksmith and the interactive information tables.

We ended our very interesting morning by having some lunch in The Royal Mint cafe.

For more information on the Royal Mint Experience Click Here

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*We were given a complimentary family ticket to The Royal Mint Experience for an honest review.




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