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Children’s book reviews are done from the perspective of my very cheeky 4-year-old son, he helps me write book reviews for Primary Times magazine.

A parcel came this morning, I was feeling a little glum as my little brother had been messing with my toys. Soon my day would be bright again when mummy opened the parcel and revealed a new book.

Ready Steady MO by Mo Farah, Kes Grey and Marta Kissi

Ready Steady Mo is about little Mo who loves to run everywhere, he runs around the kitchen, he runs up the stairs, he runs around corners and he ran with his friends…Mo runs everywhere.

I like running with my mum, we go over the park at weekends and have a little run about and play in the park, but I think Mo runs much faster then me.

This book was really fun and my favourite part was when Mo and his friends ran into space and they saw aliens!

Mums Thoughts

This book was very enjoyable, the words rhymed well and the illustrations were very good. I was very impressed that Mo Farrah had written this book.

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We were given a complimentary copy of the book for an honest review.

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