Our Halloween Read – A Spooky Tale, By Sue Wickstead

A Spooky Tale

We were recently sent A Spooky Tale to review.

All children’s book reviews are written with my 7 year old son Ethan.

A Spooky Tale – A Walk With Our Teacher, by Sue Wickstead.
When the teacher decided to take the class out on a walk the children did not want to go … But… What could possibly go wrong? why did the class not feel well? Read the book to find out.

“Wow mum! A spooky book for Halloween! I can’t wait to read it!!”

We start this book at a school, the teacher wants to take the children on a walk, but the children complain and say they don’t feel well.  “I wouldn’t say that mum. I love going on walks with my teacher!”

The children first come across a WICKED WITCH! The witch is scary, she tries to turn them into frogs!!! The children run away, and that is why they didn’t feel well.

They then come across a HUGE HAIRY BEAR!! He tries to scratch them with his claws, and that is why they didn’t feel very well.

“Mummy, they all look so terrified. I would be brave and not let it bother me” said Ethan.

Next, a BIG BAD WOLF tries to eat the children! The children run away, the teacher is hiding in a cave.
” Mummy, this makes me laugh, why is the teacher hiding! She is a grown up. I thought grown ups were brave? I am keeping my eyes on her” said Ethan.

After the encounter with a BIG BAD WOLF the children come across a haunted house and see a ghost! “This is my favorite part mum, its a really spooky house. I love the picture”

The children then bump into more creepy characters, but we can’t tell you what happens, you will have to read it for yourself.

A Spooky Tale is available to buy from the below links  –
Amazon.co.uk – http://bit.ly/2IezJKCAmazonuk
Amazon.com – http://bit.ly/2QHTz4GSpookycom
Waterstones http://bit.ly/314gDzlSpookyWaterstones
WHSmith – http://bit.ly/2WnMyMnSpookyWHSmith
Foyles http://bit.ly/31f5Q5ASpookyFoyles
Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/2KozTBESpookyBandN

Mummy’s thoughts

The boys loved this book. Its fun and very entertaining, the illustrations are great. Ethan and Harrison enjoyed looking for the teacher on each page. The teacher was very scared and this made my boys laugh. Fantastic read, I highly recommend it.

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  1. Sue Wickstead

    Thank you for joining the blog tour for A Spooky Tale.
    I loved your review but most of all the look of delight on your sons face as well as his very thoughtful and observant comments.
    I think he would have liked my class.

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