Mr Mustachio -Yasmin Finch & Abigail Tompkins – Review

Children’s book reviews are written from perspective of my four year old son Ethan.

Mr Mustachio By Yasmin Finch and Abigail Tompkins.

This book is about Mr Mustachio, Mr Mustachio is a very tall man, a very thin man who has a super duper fantabulous moustache. His moustache is sooooo long that tall children dunk from it and small children want to tug on it.

One day Mr Mustachio goes to the playground…I think he really likes the roundabout because he gets on and whirls round and round and goes really fast….he does not realise his moustache is getting all tangled around the roundabout!!!

He gets stuck and has to ask everyone passing by to help him get free. In the end nothing works to get him free so a tall teacher has to snip off his moustache. ‘Mummy I think all the adults in the book have noses like carrots’


Mr Mustachio is very sad that he no longer has a moustache so he looks for something to replace it. He gets some stripey socks to replace the moustache and I think he looks really cool…much better that before.

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Mummy’s thoughts

Ethan really enjoyed this book, we have read it many times. He really likes the illustrations and stripey socks…the roundabout is his favourite thing to play in the park so this book was a winner.

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