More People to Love Me -Mo O’Hara Ada Grey – A review

Reviews are done from the perspective of my four year old son Ethan

Today I am reading More people to love me by Mo O’Hara and Ada Grey.

9781447277644More People to Love Me

This book is about a little girl who has a really big family. Her family is sooo big she has to draw a family tree to show her friends at school. The little girl has so many family members, she has sisters and brothers, a step mum and step brother ‘who is really tall’ she had a step dad and step twin sisters!

The little girl even adds her pet to the family tree which is growing and growing. Then she put her grandparents on the tree…this is where she might run out of space because she has soooo many!! The little girl starts to cry because she runs out of space and her tears smudge her picture and this makes me sad….BUT its okay, Miss Sarah her teacher says she can add an extra bit of paper to add more family.

I really liked this book, my favourite part was at the end because there is a pull out part 🙂

Mummy’s thoughts

This book is great for any young child with an extended family. Well written by Mo O’Hara by with lovely illustrations by Ada Grey, this book really shows that families come in all shapes and sizes.

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