History Is Delicious – Book Review #AD

We were sent a review copy of History is Delicious to review

History for kids has never contained more adventure than in the new series by Honest History, History Is ________. Each book in the series presents a topic in a fun, engaging way that inspires kids to make a positive impact on history themselves. Dive into the world of Honest History with the first two books, History Is Inventive and History Is Delicious.

History Is Delicious written by Joshua Lurie

History Is Delicious explores the history of different dishes, cultural traditions, and even a few great recipes.

What does Ethiopian cuisine look and taste like? Find out for yourself with each beautifully illustrated page that makes learning about food fun.

Discover the role cuisine plays in the fabric of unique cultures from around the world and enjoy some great tasting food along the way.

Featured sections include History of European Cuisine, Dining “Do’s and Don’ts,” Dumplings of the World, Recipes from Around the World, and so much more.

As a family we really enjoyed this book, it is easy to read and follow. The illustrations by Laura Foy great.

We particularly enjoyed the dining do’s and don’ts. We loved reading the 12 lessons about culturally appropriate dining behaviours when traveling overseas.

We love pizza so found the Italy section really informative.

The condiments and sauces of the World was fun to read, we then got a few from the supermarket to try at home. We tried salsa, soy sauce and chutney. Salsa was an all round favourite.

We also love noodles so enjoyed reading the noodles around the World section.

Spices of the World was a good read, after reading this section we took to my spice rack to try some paprika, cinnamon, pepper and turmeric. Cinnamon was our favourite.

We really enjoyed learning about the history of different ingredients, dishes, cultural traditions and more. We are looking forward to creating some dishes ourselves using the recipe’s in the book.

For more information, please visit – History Is Delicious (History Is ________) eBook : Lurie, Joshua, Foy, Laura: Amazon.co.uk: Books

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