Flying Lemurs – Zehra Hicks – Review

All children’s book reviews are written with my four year old son from his perspective.

Mummy what is a Lemur? I don’t think I have seen one before…they look funny. After mummy explained what a Lemur was we started to read my new book Flying Lemurs by Zehra Hicks.


This book is about a little Lemur who is scared to join in with the rest of his family who love to jump.

Little Lemurs family love to jump on trampolines, out of cannons and even off see-saws! Only problem is…. little Lemur is not quite brave enough when he try’s to jump.

I feel sad for the little lemur because he just wants to join in with his family.

At the end of the book little Lemur pretends to be a rocket…a rocket that shoots high up into the sky! Little Lemur does a really big rocket jump and everyone is happy…little Lemur doesn’t even know that he had jumped up higher than all his family.

I liked it when Lemur jumped up really high because everyone clapped and made him feel really special…this made me happy.

Mummys thoughts

This was a good easy read book that kept the attention of Ethan,  he really liked it when the Lemur pretended to be a rocket. Illustrations were lovely. Good fun book.

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