Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon – A book review #AD

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We were recently sent Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon to review #AD #GIFTED

In the valleys of Wales, everyone at The Royal Mint is hard at work, making coins. But one night, a baby red dragon hatches from a magical egg.

The makers name him Dilwyn and take care of him until he’s big enough to guard their coins. Every night Dilwyn sleeps high up in the rafters keeping watch; until two robbers foolishly try to break in.

My boys absolutely loved reading this book with me. It reminded them of our very own visit to The Royal Mint a few years ago, this review can be found here – A Royal Mint Adventure

The book is both factual and mythical, it is engaging, easy to read and fun. As Wales is known for its red dragon, this book also captures the spirit of Wales. Our favourite part of the story is when Dilwyns fiery breath burns the robbers bottom!

The Welsh Mummy Blogs family give Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon our seal of approval. We really enjoyed this book! 

Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon, illustrated by Jessica Rose and written by Samuel Langley-Swain is only one in a series of children’s books published by Owlet Press in partnership with The Royal Mint. 

Other books by Owlet Press and The Royal Mint include two picture books, illustrated by Davide Ortu and written by Samuel Langley-Swain, author and founder of Owlet Press are aimed at readers starting to lose their own teeth. They are The Tooth Fairy and the Home of the Coin Makers and The Tooth Fairy and the Magical Journey.

Information about the The Royal Mint can be found here https://www.royalmint.com/

To purchase Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon, please visit https://www.owletpress.com/

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