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anti-ageing face oil

I have recently started using SINIVALIA anti-ageing face oil. The oil is made from a blend of Cypress, Coriander, Grapefruit and Geranium oils which together make a moisturising, soothing solution for dehydrated skin and hair.

Using synthetically manufactured lotions and oils to treat skin can cause more harm and irritation to skin than good. I have very sensitive skin and find that most face creams and oils irritate my skin. I suffer a reaction to products that are not natural and I am sensitive to gluten.

SINIVALIA chooses natural, gentle ingredients in all its products, including the Anti-Ageing Facial Oil that I was sent to review.

The oil contains seven powerful plant extracts which provides vital nutrients to my skin in a safe and effective oil that soothes and moisturises while naturally shrinking pore size. It also provides antibacterial protection for those who suffer from breakouts.

This enriching oil contains Corylus Avellana (hazelnut oil), which penetrates the skin easily, nourishing it with Vitamin E, flavonoids and linoleic acid.

This oil is well known for its natural astringent effect on enlarged and clogged pores and its power to fight acne without drying skin.

The oil also contains natural skin emollients Citrullus Vulgaris and Simmondsia Chinensis to soften and hydrate skin easily and healthfully.

I am in my 30’s now and I am experiencing fine lines and wrinkles. I have sensitive, combination skin. My cheeks get very dry in the winter months but my t-zone is really oily. I find most anti-ageing face creams and oils make me breakout which leads me to using two products. I use a dry skin moisturiser for my cheeks and an oily skin moisturiser for my t-zone. This can be quite expensive and I am not get my desired results.

I have been using SINIVALIA anti-ageing face oil for a few weeks and I am really happy with the results. I use the anti-ageing face oil twice a day. In the morning I wash my face as usual, pat dry and then I apply a small amount of product to my face, using my hands. I avoid my eye area.

I let the oil sink in a bit and then apply my makeup. My foundation blends well with the anti-ageing face oil as a base, however, some may wish to use a primer for a more matte finish.

At night, I wash my face and apply the anti-ageing face oil to my damp skin. I apply it to my face, neck and shoulders. I love the calming smell of the oil and I think it helps me relax at night.

The anti-ageing face oil has cleared up the few spots I had (really nasty one on my eyebrow) and has moisturised my cheeks, getting rid of a small dry patch.

I can feel the effects of one ingredient, Cypress leaf oil, quite a bit, it tightens my skin which gives the appearance of a more toned, wrinkle free complexion.  I have had no breakouts or problems using this anti-ageing face oil.

Anti-ageing face oil
No filter needed!!

I would buy the anti-ageing face oil again as its a good sized bottle at an affordable price. The anti-ageing face oil is also parabens, gluten and sulphate free. The oil is free from colours, artificial additives and is suitable for vegans.

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